360 Degree Analyse

360 Degree Analyse

We conduct the 360 analysis  on the basis of ValuePerform tool. ValuePerform® is a unique, end-to-end strategy review and action plan development tool, which can be completed quickly and with minimal consulting support. After completing a ValuePerform® strategy review your management team will be able to answer the following questions consistently: 

What is our Strategy?

What is our Customer Value Proposition?

How well are our priorities aligned with our strategy and our Customer Value Proposition?

How well are we actually performing on the critical issues to enable us to execute our Strategy and our Customer Value Proposition?

Which areas MUST we improve to execute our Strategy and our Customer Value Proposition successfully?


Benefits of using ValuePerform®

ValuePerform® is based on internationally proven and widely recognised methodology. It is not biased by the consultant managing the process.

ValuePerform® is cost efficient due to an automated and lean information gathering process. Average answering process time for the web-basedquestionnaire is 35 minutes.

ValuePerform® analyses and easily prepares comprehensible reports documenting the results of the analysis and presents a visual gap analysis between “Importance” and “Performance” i.e. the “Embedded Potential” in each of the particular management areas.

ValuePerform® ensures a consistently high quality process with a 360 degree perspective taking in all the contributing factors. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is randomized.

The ValuePerform® approach enables the strategy articulation process to be conducted with an efficiency and effectiveness far superior to traditional manually based, consultant intensive processes.

The ValuePerform® approach delivers a precise assessment of the strategy and reveals to which extent strategy is supported and executed by the management team.

ValuePerform® captures and stores input from each participant in a database. Each completed analysis is also stored. Over time, it is thus possible to do extensive benchmarking and systematically track how management alignment and execution is progressing.

ValuePerform® is backed up by a network of accredited consultants. The ValuePerform® consultants ensure that each client experiences a strategy process which is consistent and thoroughly documented.

Because of its use of browser-based data collection, automated generation ofoutput graphics, reports and certified methodology, ValuePerform® makes it economically feasible to conduct high quality strategy definition processes at much smaller organisational units than was previously possible.

Since ValuePerform® is such a highly structured and documented process, it presents a unique opportunity to benchmark organisational units against each other over time. This feeds into a virtuous circle of benchmarking against bestof-breed.