Report predicts rapid growth in LED

According to a piece of market research conducted in the US, LEDs will take 40 per cent of the global lamp market in 2013 but will begin to contract by 2018.

The research predicts that with long life and energy efficiency underpinning the success of LEDs, the longer life of LED lamps will mean that as more are installed, the smaller the market will become as replacement lamps will not be required in the short term.
According to the research, the growth rate for LED lamp shipments from 2009-2015 is forecasted to be 97 per cent, while the growth rate from 2015 to 2020 will slow to 13 per cent.
The research indicates that in order for manufacturers to profit, it will be necessary for them to enter the market early and they will need to be vertically integrated making them better positioned to reduce their ASPs.
The big three lamp companies, Philips, OSRAM and GE, currently comprise approximately 60 per cent of the lamp market. Of these, GE is the only one that does not own any LED production facilities.
Additionally, companies like Samsung, LG and are looking for growth markets and have been pushing hard to produce their own LED lamps.