Representation of foreign customers in Poland

Representation of foreign customers in Poland

Very often we asking ourselves "How to run successfully the business in one of the biggest and fastest growing  European markets? " Did i do it ourselves ? or use external advisors? ( usually very expensive )

With us you can make it easy and effectively due to fact, that majority of our services base partly on success fee decreasing entrance cost and guarantying quality of service.


What we can do for you ?  On this area we provide A-Z service like:

  • Insure regular reporting on key market information and local highlights
  • Find and qualify the best local potential partners
  • Organize and manage  your visits in Poland from A to Z
  • Explain and settle all kinds of administrative and legal issues in Poland
  • Anticipate and handle the potential impacts on your business arising from the local culture and practice
  • Accompany you for the visits to your partners and assist and advise you in your business  negotiations.
  • Set up and register  your entity in Poland. (EU)
  • Act as your representative in dealing with the Polish Authorities.
  • Supervise your business in Poland in the course of its realization.
  • Offer on-site and real-time assistance  for your resident expats  in Poland.
  • Carry out logistic follow-up for your ongoing business

                                                                                                            and many, many more...

      For more detailed information don't hesitate to contact us.