Support and supervision of long-term projects

Support and supervision of long-term projects

A slightly different approach than in the case of short-term projects has a support service for medium and long term projects. Here we assume that the customer has the resources (project manager (s) and the ability to run a project or we support the customer in obtaining the necessary, highly qualified resources, as well as we support the part of the proceedings of the project with our "know how ".

The scope of our participation is individually determined and confined mainly to advise and oversee the project proceeds in accordance with the Business Plan or set expectations. In this case we act as "external arbiter" who cares about the correct implementation of a project aiming to achieve the intended purpose.

As a part of this service we also provide comprehensive services to implement MS Project tool in a project or enterprise.

(Including a layer of hardware and software) It consists of:

  • analysis of customer needs,
  • analysis of existing  software infrastructure,
  • analysis of existing  hardware infrastructure,
  • selecting the optimal solution to the needs of businesses,
  • implementation and configuration of software,
  • integration with other IT systems - data exchange (optional),
  • support in moving to a system of projects already ongoing (optional),
  • supervision if system is working properly during the initial period of operation.

In addition, a fairly common service provided to meetcustomers' needs is outsourcing the conduct and reporting of the project in MS Project. Currently very often large contractors and investors, in contracts with theirsubcontractors include clauses on their obligation to report on the progress of the work in MS Project. This issomething have they have never done, because they are competent in matters of substance and have not had such a need so far.Then we can help relieving them of this bureaucratic requirement.