Support the implementation of Integrated Management Systems

Support the implementation of Integrated Management Systems

Support for the implementation of integrated management systems arose naturally as a derivative of support and supervision of projects and project management with the participation of IT outsourcing management body. Why is this happening? The statistics are overwhelming, as analyzing the innovations negatively assessed, the reason for as much as 76% of them was identified as mistakes made during its implementation.

In 19% needs of the company were poorly identified and described, and only 5% were human errors. What is the reason? The basic assumption that the project is not easy, but certainly we will implement it, because everything will be implementing by the external company ... And we could believe it when we speak to the system vendors who are able to promise almost everything. But analysts and developers need to get well prepared substantive contribution. Usually it falls on the managers or managers of individual cells or departments. And we have a ready reason for many failures ... One might ask why? Because the process is much more complex than everyone assumes. Carrying out such projects we use several independent experts who possess the supervision competencies of it in three ways:

  1. management - to meet certain expectations and requirements of strategic and preserve fiscal discipline, support in negotiations with the supplier to implement the agreement, substantive - support in the correct preparation of process maps, business requirements for implementing and
  2. verifying the description of processes in different organizational units,
  3. IT - which merits a bridge with analysts and programmers from implementing team, supervising the work and verification of the merits.

Only such approach makes it possible to carry out the implementation project effectively and successfully. Individual managers who are excellent experts in their field are not able to prepare documentation for programmers. In addition, the lack of descriptions of the exceptions with which individual managers deal withare causing great disturbances in the future exploitation of the system.

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